New Goodies

Hi all!  It has been quite the drizzly Tuesday, nobody likes rain (I mean whose hair looks good wet?) but we are kinda bummed out about all those pretty blossom branches out there that are getting dumped on.  Keeping our fingers crossed that there are drier parts of the world with nice fluffy blossom branches being shipped out to market!  A gal can dream.  Anyways, there has been some major spring cleaning going on at the flower shop, but lets be serious our space never stays bare for too long.  We just got in boxes of new goodies to share with all of our brides and we couldn’t be happier.  My mom has been pining over that oyster colored ribbon from Midori  for the longest time now….we FINALLY got our hands on some!  Lets just say she did a little damage in the ribbon department. Also, the coolest glitter in the cutest little containers, we got this amazing crushed glass glitter that is so fine and sparkly.  This stuff will be so fun to play with, who am I kidding…the photo shoot alone was pretty enjoyable.

Until next week…stay dry!