Seashells and Surprises

Hi Everyone!

Okay so for this little mini shoot we used a ton of interesting ingredients.  Seashells are something that we love and never get to work with.  So we changed that…a ton of seashells and paper flowers were used in this look.  Inspired by our own daydreams of a seaside fourth of July Holiday…east coast and upstate…fresh crab, white picket fences in the sand…these were some of the ideas that came to mind with this look.  We wanted it to be easy and not too thought out.  But more of a fresh sea look, we even stuck some succulents in the mix for good measure!  Enjoy and have a marvelous weekend.





ABOVE:  Mussels and blue hydrangea, with a touch of paper flowers and a tie of burlap.  This wrist corsage is a step away from ordinary.


ABOVE:  This boutonniere included some grass, paper flower, and even a shell.

ABOVE:  Dusty miller softens up the crisp paper flowers and with a cool blue green hue, the succulents blend the two.

ABOVE:  Some of our materials…



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