A week at the flower shop…Clark and Michelle Morris at Le Rivage

The gorgeous bride and her girls!
The Bride and Groom

Clark and Michelle’s wedding at Le Rivage was such a great example of the “bridal” look.  It was very classic and romantic.  It was a good sized wedding, so to show to all of our readers an idea of the time that it takes to create a wedding like this, we took lots of in-the-works photos.  Keep in mind that we had three other large weddings the following weekend that were being prepped for, while we were designing for Clark and Michelle’s big day.

The best way to keep everything smooth during the process is to organize!  We like to designate certain areas of the flower shop to certain events.  Going through tons of Oasis, we had some nice sized cardboard boxes to be labeled and help keep things in order.  Not only does this keep us from getting all confused, but it is kind of fun to see the areas start to come together and go from a piece of foam and tape, to a lush, fresh floral arrangement!

The week starts off with gathering all of the needed glassware and votives.  We wash and pack everything by hand, then we create the containers by cutting the needed Oasis and taping it secure.  Buckets are filled and set out for the fresh flowers, we get to bed early and then it’s up bright and early to buy flowers in San Francisco!  All of the flowers we use are hand chosen by us each week.  Most things are grown in California, but the more sought after or delicate flowers like Orchids or white Hydrangeas are shipped in from places like Thailand or Colombia!

Enjoy the photos and little blurbs, we hope that this helps you all understand what goes into each event.



A glimpse into the design room…
Lamb’s ear… a favorite!

Caffeine is a must at Jackie’s Flowers!
Greens, greens, everywhere!
Bouquets are almost finished…
The most beautiful roses
Finishing up the centerpieces…

Close ups of the Bridesmaids’ bouquets
Here is a bird’s eye view of the low centerpieces. An assortment of roses, imported white hydrangeas, dusty miller and this awesome new spray rose was soft and romantic.
Boxes and boxes of glass rentals, votives, and fresh candles to be packed and hauled to Le Rivage. Getting into the fridge was fun this week!
Getting the seating arrangement all ready to go!

….and the delivery process begins
The blank slate…

The bride brought in the cutest dresser! We suggested to her using it as a cake table…what a hit that was.
This cake by Cake Castle was amazing!

The final centerpiece was so lush and bridal! Stacked on top of a tall clean glass with a crystal chandelier in between. We even decided to float one full rose in water for interest to those seated at the table.

In our opinion, alternating high and low centerpieces is more of an impact on your guest and their visual senses. Full low arrangements also look just as showy as tall ones do. The fact that they are closer to eye level allows your guests to see the flowers better and really enjoy their beauty!

A shot of the bridal party, taken by the photographer, Emily Heizer

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