Scribner Bend goes Edgy Chic!

Hi guys! I know it’s been a while, but we did such a gorgeous bouquet last weekend and I really wanted to share it with you all! Last weekend we did a wedding at Scribner Bend, it was such a nice little wedding. It was early in the morning on a Sunday, the weather was a little on the dreary side, but there was something about the crisp chill and the smell of campfires that really did wonders for the ambience! Our bride was not your typical girly foofy girl. Tina is ex military and an avid scuba-diver, even planning a scuba trip to Honduras with her new hubby! We really wanted her flowers to showcase her as an individual. Choosing the colors pink and black showed guests that she is girly too, but we tried our best to put an edgy spin on it (I’m pretty sure it was a mission accomplished). We were so stoked to get peonies this time of year! Huge pink peonies, black and white striped air plants, monkey tails, grey brunia from Africa and the nicest dahlias from Figone were the perfect combination to set off the right look. Wrapping the bouquet was a total no brainer and the striped Midori ribbon was just the right touch of off beat edgy. I hope you enjoy the few photos I snapped!




3 thoughts on “Scribner Bend goes Edgy Chic!

  1. Besides actually getting married, you two and your flowers were my favorite part of the wedding. I couldn’t have asked for more.

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