Holidays at the Perez House


Hi guys!

We have been crankin’ away at our holiday decor lately! Between our pop-up shop and our own Christmas planning…let’s just say thank god for online shopping and rush delivery! With all this holiday decorating our minds get so consumed with all things snowy and sparkly! Decorating can almost get a little repetitive. That is never fun. So we really try to keep an open mind and let the decorations place themselves! Here are some photos of things we love to pull out during the holidays, old vintage toys, shiny brites (mass amounts of them!), tinsel, flocked trees, candy canes, and lots of old santas. Hope this can inspire an idea or two for those of you who are running around crazy still decorating or planning to host a party!



Got Grandma’s old punch bowl laying around? Spice it up with a bunch of Christmas odds and ends! We have this one sitting on the coffee table…
…normally we store all of the ornaments in this trunk for the year. We got a little lazy and pulled them out halfway, then realized it looked kind of cute! This doll was a family joke for a while too…she can look a tad creepy…so we took turns posing her around each others rooms! I think she finally found a home with the other Christmas toys…


Simple santas in a row on the fireplace.


Our first experience with a flocked tree… We love it so much, I can’t imagine having anything else!



Birch logs and vintage trees make a fun look in the kitchen!
We have lots of gnomes and owls hanging out around the house…



Let the wrapping party commence!!
One of our white elephant gifts!

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