Tid bits from Palm Springs!

We made it! Palm Springs…get ready for Jackie and Chelsie


Our week in Palm Springs was nothing short of an absolute BLAST! We drove all the way down on Sunday and started class up on Monday. Working alongside and meeting with so many amazing talents… planners, stylists, designers, and photographers alike!

Kate Holt is the awesome talent behind Flowerwild designs out of Los Angeles. They style such gorgeous, organic looks, they just oooze style! If you have never seen her work for yourself, click the link and be amazed! www.flowerwild.coms We also love all her cool photos on instagram and how she is always with her cutie of a daughter, Alice. We love mother-daughter teams!

Luckily, we were shacked up at the swanky hotel Ace…. WOW, I finally know what it feels like to wake up in an Urban Outfitters catalogue! So cool.

But, I swear, we were there on business… We had discussions about the bridal industry and how it is constantly evolving, and more importantly, how to keep up with those changes. One thing that really stuck with me was hearing Kate tell us that Flowers are a luxury. I couldn’t agree more.

They are so much more than just flowers. They are these tiny delicate little living things, they have to be planted, taken care of, they grow, they are harvested, packed shipped, perhaps they are shipped multiple times depending on how local they are… the bottom line is, you are not just paying for grocery store flowers, the service we provide is so so much more.

Our main goal is to get personal. We want to know our clients, we want to get an inside look at their story, who they are as individuals and as a couple as well. We strive to create an emotion for your day, a wedding is a very personal thing. The decor should follow suit. It not only gives you a better final product, but it makes our job more interesting, everyone has their story to tell, our job is to embody that story and share it with your guests. Afterall, this IS the most important day of your life 🙂

I made sure to give you some fun little glimpses into our week with Flowerwild in the desert, more to follow on our shoot and working with the uber cool photog…Jose Villa!

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Fueling up on the way to our class!

Vines creeping into our patio room…it’s okay guys, all vines are welcome!

Love all the little details of this place, let it hang tag for your cars… haha

Couldn’t help it, this bush was way too pretty! I wish they did well in Sacramento. What else would I wear to the first day of class? A Flower Child crown…duh

Big Mountains. Great Views.

EEEEEEeeeek so excited!


Breakfast view

You didn’t think we’d go on a trip and not stop in all the antique stores?!

Dazzles in Palm Springs is awesome. Mike is the sweetest.

Time to get to flower’n


Everyone in our class was freaking out about these ranunculus… that color!

Alice and Kate… mommy duties! How cute are they?!


Checking into our place!

The most comfortable bed on the planet. Man this was fun.

Gems are so neat.

Just cruisin’

Uhhh ohhh…. someone’s gettin’ married. Okay fine, no one is getting married, but this little chapel was awesome.


The Ace!


YIPEE, we won a Style Me Pretty book.

Martha Stewart and Jose Villa… getting us all inspired.


The Craziest Week EVER… Okay, maybe not ever, but it was a doozy.

Hi Guys!!

Okay so this week was such a crazy one. Spring cleaning at the flower shop (our ENTIRE barn), the launch of my etsy store (BIG HUGE SMILE), a sprinkling of prom orders, and shadowing the amazingly talented Nancy Liu Chin!

My week was a huge jumbled up mess of cleaning and re-organizing a completely discombobulated barn and flower shop. Having your business in a 1914 craftsman style house has it challenges… aka keeping things working! It’s our little old timer, someone’s gotta take care of it!

Meanwhile, my bedroom was a tornado of vintage flowers, wire, tape, and tons of silk ribbon. Forcing myself into a launch date for the etsy store was a must! I’m so glad they are finished and up now, I can’t wait to get to shipping:) If you are in need of some cool Coachella accessories or are just a little hippie at heart, check out my store to see what’s in. Also, a HUGE thanks to all my friends for showing such love and support, you guys are the best xo

…wearing the Adelya, this one is my fav!

Check out my etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/tofashionandfloral

This morning I was up and at ’em and off to the city for a fab day filled with the softest, fluffy hydrangeas, clean and classy orchids in the whitest whites. Soft yummy linens that popped against silver chiavari chairs were to die for! To top it off we were working at the St. Regis hotel in San Francisco, I don’t normally get to work in swanky hotels, so that was a major treat. All in all, what an exhausting, but soooo worth it week. For more information on Nancy and her awesome designs visit her website at  http://www.nancyliuchin.com/

Love Nancy, she’s the sweetest. Her studio is in the cutest little neighborhood!
Love this look on the assigned seating table, very clean and chic!
A fun little shot from the guest tables…
WOW! What an amazing head table this was…
Remind me to come back and stay here for pleasure sometime. Swanky digs.

Sacramento Fashion Week

This past week was a doozy! We were asked to sponsor Sacramento Fashion Week, a great honor. Creative talent in this city is so important to us here at the flower shop! After all…we are the state capitol! The main goal (which we love) behind Sac Fashion Week, is not only to just spotlight the amazing talents of all the designers here in the cap city (there are a TON), but to just build energy and passion behind the city itself. Sacramento Fashion week is a week long, filled with creative talent and lots of cool people to keep and eye on in the future.

I ran around a little bit back stage last year and so with the opportunity to help out again as a sponsor this year, I jumped at the chance! We were in charge of an arrangement for the check-in table as well as some small cocktail table designs for the pool room (this was were the VIP lounge was…awesome room!). Here are some of the photos of part one of our week. Hope you guys enjoy!




For the check-in table, we chose to create a very clean contemporary look. An assortment of heights and white flowers with touches of crisp greenery was a nice classic look for the grand entrance to the Elks Tower.
Loved this HUGE chandelier in the entry way!
Side piece for Masha Merca, owner at Violet Muse! We placed this inside of her pop up shop on Thursday night.
Our large lush piece inside of Violet Muse. Masha wanted pink fluffy flowers with accents of greens, we loved the dipping chunks of hanging ameranthus. Here we can see Masha dressing one of her gorgeous models!
Check out Masha’s digs! We love her stuff.
Egor and Anthony, watching the set up before the show!


Setting up the boutique…




We sprayed neon paint onto our succulents for an edgy pop! After seeing the poolroom set up on our first delivery day…we got a little inspired and changed up the chic clean look, to funky fun.


Our tall boy decor!


We think this is the coolest room EVER.