Angel and Ian at Grand Island Mansion


Hi All!

Okay, so another crazy weekend has gone by and another blog is up for sharing and hopefully some ooing and ahhing:) Angel and Ian actually got married almost a month ago now (phewww that was a fast month!)

Angel wanted to go for a super feminine look with ruffly pinks and creamy whites. We had a ton of peonies and soft pink garden roses in the kitchen of the flower shop for this wedding… it was so stinkin’ pretty!

Here are some of the photos of what we did, hope you all enjoy them!




oodles and oodles of pink Peonies in the fountain in the Italian Gardens!

Large balls of hydrangeas and roses topped clear tall glass with drippings of antique crystals rowed the long king’s tables.


At the bottom of the tall arrangements were clusters of glimmering votive candles and smaller bouquets of solid white Hydrangeas.

The head table was decorated with stems of pink mercury filled with Dusty Miller, Peonies, Roses and Hydrangeas to be slightly different from the guests’ tables.



GORGEOUS GORGEOUS linens:) Some people don’t always realize that linen can MAKE the decor at your wedding if done right! We love it.

Ugh… I LOVE this lighting. It was such a romantic evening. Even after the tripple digit weather during the hectic set up… things were perfect once the sun began to set.


We always recommend using your altar pieces again at your reception… don’t let those beauties go to waste!



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