Taylor & Joseph



Hi Guys!

This past weekend we got to do one of our favorite couples weddings!! Taylor and Joseph got married in the evening time at the Grand Island Mansion. We have done plenty of evening weddings at the mansion, however, they are normally in the summer when it is still light outside during the ceremony. Taking the time of year into consideration, we suggested uplighting on the ceremony site area. The couple also chose to get married on the column side of the mansion, not the typical garden side. This side, if you have ever been to the mansion you know that this side is far more dramatic and grandiose. It looked absolutely amazing!

Taylor and Joseph also wanted to embrace the time of year, they chose rich jewel tones for their florals to go with the bridesmaids’ dresses (they were all different rich shades of eggplant, mango, poppy red, and a more truer purple). They also had a bevy of pumpkins lining the aisle to add to the seasonal charm!

Here are some of the photos I snapped, I hope you enjoy them and can be inspired for your big day.




Our pup Roscoe checking out the daily squirrel action outside the design room!
Taylor’s inspiration for her hair flower… she loved that edgy Lana Del Ray feel!
The aftermath of working with fall branches. Let me just say even with the appropriate tools, cutting through a branch is quite the work out. I think I pulled something… OUCH!
Hello from inside the kitchen! Branches get banned from the design room, they tangle into everything.


The Bride’s stunner!
Our day-of ritual… hot coffee and wrapping the bouquets!
Two of the bridesmaids’ bouquets getting photographed in front of the barn.
These Alhambra roses were exquisite! The bright poppy hue was to die for and even the leaves were so perfect, the most dark espresso shade. Awesome variegated carnations and bouncy little bits of clover make an awesome combination. Taylor wanted to incorporate vintage broaches into each bouquet as well. This adds a touch of shine and a sentimental keepsake.


Barbados spray roses, soft pink garden roses, and our newest favorite… Romantic Antik make an awesome bunch! We wanted to keep the fall feel by incorporating fall leaves into each bouquet as well as a touch of Japanese lanterns.
Folger’s coffee and a Bel Air Croissant taste so much fancier on this china tea set at work!
Two more of the bouquets…
Calla lillies, scabiossa, peonies and clover made this one a stunner!




Giving me the evil eye…. hi mom!
A close up of the GORGEOUS column at the mansion in the ceremony site.
The flower girl playing a little hide and seek before the ceremony started… she just looked too cute in that mess of tool!
Over one hundred and fifty pumpkins decorated Taylor and Joseph’s big day.
I think this might be our new favorite way to do up these columns… can you say amazing?!
Once the sun finally faded and the moonlight gleamed upon the happy couple… this was a stunning site!

Large clusters of curly willow and fall leaves framed the ceremony site. All of the jewel tones blended together so nicely here.



Proud papa of the bride, getting pinned before the wedding. All of the guys were in long tuxedo jackets with top hats and canes!
Close up of the center pieces!

Guests proceeding to their seats…
Taylor looking so amazing in this floral headpiece!

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