Holiday Wreaths for Sale


Hi Guys!

The Holidays are upon us again and what better way to get into the spirit than wreath making! Tons and tons of pine, fresh olive, moss, acorns, pomegranates, and berry make for the most stunning wreaths. Quirky, not your average holiday wreath is what we like here at Jackie’s. The funkier the better! So if your front door is looking less than cheery place an order with us today. For only $25 a pop these wreaths make the perfect gift for neighbors and family!

Call us at (916) 685-9233 or message us on Facebook for ordering information.







Pine, Olive, Boxwood, Tallow berry, Acorns, and mossy twigs make this wreath interesting and fun! When you order an Everything wreath each one will be made slightly different than the next. The everything is $25 a piece call the shop for more details. (916) 685-9233



The twiggy is the simplest wreath for the more quirky folks. With only a few sprigs of olive, the twiggy is our “Charlie Brown” of wreaths and priced at only $5

LOVE the fresh olives!

The Classic is just pine with an option of pomegranates. Priced at $25 this is perfect for family and neighbors gifts.


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