Our Very First Workshop!



Hi Guys!

So sorry we haven’t posted in a little while, we are just getting so swamped with the start of the season and everything. However, we have been working on this amazing event and we are SO thrilled to share some more photos with you. We especially cannot wait for our lovely photog friend Amanda to share our professional photos:)

After coffee with friends one night we decided to go ahead and make plans for our first workshop hosted at the flower shop! We absolutely wanted to go with the very popular terrarium theme… since we had already been told by friends that they really wanted to make one for themselves…

It was such a HUGE success, we loved having some familiar faces as well as some new ones there to share in all the fun! Hope you guys enjoy the photos and we can’t wait to shoot out some more 🙂


Jack & Chels

Amanda, Jackie and myself at the Terrarium workshop!
Some of our awesome plants and succulents from Delano Nursery in San Francisco, we loved the assortment.
My mom made this bad boy to serve as an interesting chandelier for over the conversation pit area… isn’t it to die for?!
I honestly think that these gold dinos were my favorite part of the workshop!
Thanks to Dogwood party rentals for hooking us up with some rad chalk boards.
It was a packed house at our workshop… what a great time we all had.


Our new helpers… we pay them in Pabst
Andy is getting artsy!
We love the intense color combinations here! The cool army man battling this GIANT spider makes us smile, especially in that neon pink color!
Just some yummy leftovers…
The cake Amanda made was just gorgeous, and tasty too may I add.
It’s all about the details, we really tried to incorporate the mix matchy hipster vibe throughout all of our displays… even around the treats!


Juices for mimosas anyone?
I was kind of obsessed with this hippie tent, compliments of mom and grandma’s linen cabinets 🙂
We even made the bathtub pretty… give the girls a little something pretty to look at while they’re on the pot! ha!


Reverie Events: My Trip Out East

IMG_8900Hi guys!

So I had the privilege to help out at an event on the East coast this past weekend. It was SO awesome getting to meet new people and be a part of an inspiring team. I flew out to New Jersey on Thursday to help out the lovely Kristin Polhemus of Reverie Events on her first wedding of the season. It was held at the gorgeous Ashford Estate, where the ceremony was held in a very quaint little barn and the reception was a bit more on the glamorous side in the elegant ballroom. Kristin had an amazing team of girls as well as her co-owner hubby Adam on hand to assist with placement and styling duties. I was welcomed with open arms and felt much of the Jersey-love! Here are some iphone photos I snapped while I was around helping out! Please check out Kristin on instagram for more prettiness or click the link below for her website!




IMG_8908 IMG_8909 IMG_8910 IMG_8911 IMG_8913 IMG_8914 IMG_8915 IMG_8916 IMG_8917 IMG_8918 IMG_8926 IMG_8929 IMG_8931 IMG_8933 IMG_8934 IMG_8935 IMG_8936 IMG_8937 IMG_8938 IMG_8939 IMG_8941 IMG_8943 IMG_8945 IMG_8946 IMG_8947 IMG_8951 IMG_8952 IMG_8953 IMG_8954 IMG_8956 IMG_8957 IMG_8958 IMG_8959 IMG_8963

Spring time is here! Let there be flowers!!



As we all re-adjust our clocks and the sun starts to shine, we can’t help but be elated over the comings of spring-time! (whoa didn’t mean to rhyme there!)

Anyways, our windows are open and the birds are singing as we do paperwork and arrange kick-off plans for our upcoming brides. It’s inching closer and closer to April and the start of our events are nearing closer and closer. Ahhhhhh SO EXCITED.

Until then, here are some more photos of one of the other arrangements we did for the Pottery Barn show a few weeks ago. We couldn’t possibly get more Spring than these few photos here! Hope you enjoy all the prettiness:)











Styled Garden Shoots: New at the Flower Shop!

10 copy

Hi Guys!

So we were lucky enough to have this little cutie come by the flower shop to say hello. She is a pint-sized model for the company Lookie-Boo and was photographed by Amanda Rose Photography at our flower shop in a mini Dior children’s dress for an online couture rental company.

Being approached by an old bride of ours (she’s not OLD at all by the way) to use the flower shop as her canvas for this mini shoot, we were more than happy to get involved! We had such a blast pulling props for this tiny cutie that we got to thinking… why not offer the shop to be used as a one-stop photo shoot location? We’ve have several brides suggest the idea to us but we just never really got around to really letting the idea sink in.

With a barn and old wooden shed packed to the brim with vintage goodies and trinkets to use as props, it would make an awesome place for children, babies, families, and of course engaged couples or even our own upcoming brides to take some awesome photos. You could have your choice of props to play with and even our collection of vintage furniture as well! We ourselves have done countless shoots in the garden here, so why not share?

For inquiries or pricing information please call the shop at 916. 685. 9233


Chels & Jack



15 copy

20 copy

22 copy

Picture Package3

Southwestern Table at Pottery Barn


Hi guys!

We were lucky enough to participate in the bridal event held at our local Pottery Barn in Roseville. They gave us two tables to decorate and we had such a blast getting creative! The first table in the front of the store was more of an eastery styled look with soft pastel shades and vintage egg cups.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get out there to take photos of it, but our dear friend Amanada did! Check out her blog at www.photographybyamandarose.com.

Here are some of the shots that I took at the event, hope you guys get inspired! Bridal doesn’t have to be girly or “bridal” to be totally awesome… we LOVE this look and can completely visualize it on a ranch complete with campfire s’mores and maybe even a sprinkling of lightning bugs!



Our favorite duo Amanda and Ryan photo-bombing our picture! We love those two 🙂
A snapshot of our table.
We chose to use the Ridge flatware to enhance the rustic elements in our design. Wooden chargers and leather stamped napkin rings were used at each place setting.


Side view of our gorgeous centerpiece at the show. Our Mexican bean pot is filled to the brim with soft romantic flowers in shades that nod to the warm Southwest!
Crystal geodes are so in right now, so we decided they would add a nice shine to our tabletop. Subtle hints of Eucalyptus and Thistle balance out the warm tones with a cool touch of rustic!


Old Man’s walking stick was the perfect choice for our gnarly chandelier. We braided together bits of twine in a macrame-type style to hang more geodes from to create a kind of whimsy to keep things from getting too masculine.
Hand painted feathers and polished crystals dangle over the table.

Bridal Show Prettiness


This past Sunday was the bridal fair at the Grand Island Mansion. This being our home away from home, we absolutely took part! We wanted to do something a little more playful this time around. Normally, at a bridal fair you would opt for something very… well… bridal!

Using the most awesome vintage yellow chairs, we decided on a bold striped linen from our favorite ladies at La Tavola Fine Linen. They are located in downtown Sacramento and have the most amazing selection of gorgeous prints and patterns. Solids, sequins, napkins, and even seat cushions, you name it they’ve got it! We took the lemon yellow chairs and bold black and white and paired it with this seasons hottest color! Pantone is calling it Radiant Orchid. Here is our take on the new look, hope you enjoy it!











Holiday Wreaths for Sale


Hi Guys!

The Holidays are upon us again and what better way to get into the spirit than wreath making! Tons and tons of pine, fresh olive, moss, acorns, pomegranates, and berry make for the most stunning wreaths. Quirky, not your average holiday wreath is what we like here at Jackie’s. The funkier the better! So if your front door is looking less than cheery place an order with us today. For only $25 a pop these wreaths make the perfect gift for neighbors and family!

Call us at (916) 685-9233 or message us on Facebook for ordering information.







Pine, Olive, Boxwood, Tallow berry, Acorns, and mossy twigs make this wreath interesting and fun! When you order an Everything wreath each one will be made slightly different than the next. The everything is $25 a piece call the shop for more details. (916) 685-9233



The twiggy is the simplest wreath for the more quirky folks. With only a few sprigs of olive, the twiggy is our “Charlie Brown” of wreaths and priced at only $5

LOVE the fresh olives!

The Classic is just pine with an option of pomegranates. Priced at $25 this is perfect for family and neighbors gifts.