Bridal Show Prettiness


This past Sunday was the bridal fair at the Grand Island Mansion. This being our home away from home, we absolutely took part! We wanted to do something a little more playful this time around. Normally, at a bridal fair you would opt for something very… well… bridal!

Using the most awesome vintage yellow chairs, we decided on a bold striped linen from our favorite ladies at La Tavola Fine Linen. They are located in downtown Sacramento and have the most amazing selection of gorgeous prints and patterns. Solids, sequins, napkins, and even seat cushions, you name it they’ve got it! We took the lemon yellow chairs and bold black and white and paired it with this seasons hottest color! Pantone is calling it Radiant Orchid. Here is our take on the new look, hope you enjoy it!











Soft and Girly: Shawn and Landon Little


Shawn was such a joy to work with! She always was in the best mood at all of our appointments, cheery and happy. Her decor really reflected her personality. We can’t say it enough… creating a wedding that reflects you and your fiance is the most important thing to remember while planning your big day.  You want your guests to feel at home and to walk into your big day thinking, WOW, this is just like them!

Shawn chose to work with very soft and fluffy flowers, brides that choose this look tend to be on the playful, girly side of things. Garden roses, Dahlias, and the dustiest dusty miller added light touches of the yummiest colors! She rented the most dazzling gold sequined table cloths for her head table and dessert table from La Tavola Linens.

Nods to the groom and his favorite past time were also incorporated into the event. Fishing!!! The fish basket on the favor table, and even a go-fish stand for the little kids to play.

This event was so fun we are so happy to get to share it with you all!




The favors were homemade jams and jellies, what a cute display!



Bridesmaid bouquets were bunches of wax flower to compliment the rustic feel of their cowboy boots.


Close up of the bride’s bouquet

We died over Shawn’s dress… it’s like a cotton candy dream! And I think we almost broke someones eardrum screaming at market over those PERFECT orchids!

Checking out her stunner

In the process of placing these little gems

Tiny garlands on the bride and grooms chairs…

These Dahlias… there are no words to describe such perfection. We Definitely had a good market week. During peak wedding season, vendors literally hide buckets of these in the backs of their coolers for their clients!

I’m such a fan of the pie table instead of cake! These pies were so cute:) …And the calligraphy?! I wish my handwriting was that awesome.







…the aftermath. This is what things look like at the end of the part… a BIG OL’ lovely MESS!! haha

Karey & Kirk at the Grand Island Mansion



Hi Guys!

Hope everyone is alive after that crazy heat wave we just had. I know we had quite the time delivering weddings in the scorching sun! Thank god for ice packs and TONS of spray bottle action!!

Karey and Kirk were one of the lucky coulpes to say their I dos during the triple digit heat and we couldn’t be more excited to show off some new looks. The couple’s colors were dark purple and grey and they LOVED succulents! We incorporated lots of moss, curly willow, berries, and fern with pops of purple hues and sprinklings of other accents colors.

Here are some of the fun pieces from their special day, and we hope these tide you over until the professional photographers come in!




We had to put the little gnome in these centerpieces for a fun picture… we kept joking all week that we created a tiny fern village!


The lovely bride’s bouquet!

The Flower Girl’s moss basket was so much fun to create! It was a first for us to design and went over so well with guests and bridal party alike.


Karey and Kirk used all three of the indoor rooms at the Mansion, so these smaller pieces were used in the creme room for smaller more intimate tables.

The Maid of Honor and her fun colored succulent! We were really a fan of the organic combination up against the sparkle of her dress.

…another angle of the Maid of Honor’s bouquet!



The rest of Karey’s girls had similar bouquets, but were up against a solid dark purple hue.

The Flower Girl’s basket


The couple rented one of our vintage luggage pieces for their cards to be placed in at the reception.


The Bride is all smiles today!

Lovely lace…


The Bride’s bouquet was hand wrapped with vintage lace from her mother and Kirk’s mother’s wedding dress! What a cool idea. One of the scrap pieces we received from them was a part of a sleeve…somehow we made the buttons align and run down the back of her bouquet…STUNNING!

Dahlias, tiny purple Orchids, Scabiosa, Polo Roses, Succulents, Seeded Eucalyptus and purple Anemones were all used in the Bride’s bouquet. Lovely.

Angel and Ian at Grand Island Mansion


Hi All!

Okay, so another crazy weekend has gone by and another blog is up for sharing and hopefully some ooing and ahhing:) Angel and Ian actually got married almost a month ago now (phewww that was a fast month!)

Angel wanted to go for a super feminine look with ruffly pinks and creamy whites. We had a ton of peonies and soft pink garden roses in the kitchen of the flower shop for this wedding… it was so stinkin’ pretty!

Here are some of the photos of what we did, hope you all enjoy them!




oodles and oodles of pink Peonies in the fountain in the Italian Gardens!

Large balls of hydrangeas and roses topped clear tall glass with drippings of antique crystals rowed the long king’s tables.


At the bottom of the tall arrangements were clusters of glimmering votive candles and smaller bouquets of solid white Hydrangeas.

The head table was decorated with stems of pink mercury filled with Dusty Miller, Peonies, Roses and Hydrangeas to be slightly different from the guests’ tables.



GORGEOUS GORGEOUS linens:) Some people don’t always realize that linen can MAKE the decor at your wedding if done right! We love it.

Ugh… I LOVE this lighting. It was such a romantic evening. Even after the tripple digit weather during the hectic set up… things were perfect once the sun began to set.


We always recommend using your altar pieces again at your reception… don’t let those beauties go to waste!



Randi and Parker’s wedding at The Grand Island Mansion


We met Randi a while ago, she was such a joy to have around the flower shop and we instantly bonded with her! We shared the same loves of eclectic style and collecting vintage vessels. She knew from the get go that she wanted red as her main color. We later added more textures and pops of fuchsia and oranges for accents. She also provided us with a HUGE collection of ruby red vessels to use for centerpieces (we thought we liked to collect)! Here are some of the shots we got on her big day, hope you all enjoy!



We found this gem at the flower market and just about died! 


Up close and personal with the callas 
The bride’s bouquet! 
…backside view of the bouquet 
Bridesmaid bouquet




Garden roses, tulips, sweet peas, smokebush, scaviosa, and plum branches were stunning!


…the white garden roses were so gorgeous in this piece! 




Our glass vanity trays have been such a hit lately 




Marsh shoot with Colleen Riley and Brianna Olenslager


It was probably the week before Christmas when I got her message. My lovely model friend, Brianna Olenslager, contacted me about a short notice photo-shoot. The only catch about this shoot… it was going to be the day after Christmas! The wonderful Colleen Riley (our photographer behind the shoot) supplied the gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress, sheer with crystal accents and a super vintage feel.

Knowing that this dress was such a romantic look, on a slightly dreary day, shooting in the marsh, we instantly started thinking up bouquet designs. There were three looks for the flowers, the first one was all fresh flowers, garden roses, cumquats, and tiny orchids. The second bouquet we used was a paper flower and antique broach look. The third and final bouquet, was my personal favorite…we mixed cotton and succulents together for a very twiggy look with a matching head piece!

All in all, the day was so much fun! It was absolutely freezing and Brianna was such a trooper (still working the camera). I can’t wait to share Colleen’s photos with you when they are ready, but until then…here are some of my snapshots from our little play day.



For more information on Colleen’s work follow the link below















Amanda and Ryan at Preston Castle

This week, oh my!  What a treat we have for you.  Amanda and Ryan, first of all, are the two coolest people ever and we love them tons!  They have amazing taste, so working with them was an easy fit for us (not to mention a BLAST)!  Amanda had been in contact with us for some time before her wedding this past weekend.  We knew that we would be a good fit for her, both of us are attracted to rustic vintage trinkets and antique fair finds.  The appreciation for all things anthro-inspired was definitely a mutual feeling.  Just a few days before the wedding we were told that all of the ladies in the bridal party were decked out in BHLDN (if you don’t know what this is, it’s anthropologie’s fabulous bridal line).  The combination of golden mustards and silvery grays were such a nice contrast with the distressed facade of the Preston Castle.

Preston Castle has quite the fun story in itself.  Rumored to be haunted, it served as a boys house years and years ago.  It was closed down in nineteen sixty and has only been re-opened and doing events just recently  Basically, this place was screaming for some cool party filled with artsy folks!  ….Needless to say…that’s exactly what it got!  Here are some photos we shot the day of and we will keep you posted on the professional photos when we receive them!  Share the photos and give us your feedback.  Hope this can brighten up your Monday!



The Bride’s bouquet was styled to feel free and fun. Fresh white ball Mums and light Chamomile were paired with Dusty Miller and added to a mix of happy yellow hues. Kangaroo paws, Dill, Billy Balls, and Cockscomb lit up in the early autumn sunset.

The front of Preston Castle is amazing in it’s own. We really wanted to keep the ceremony more minimal. Plus all of the dust and rock was an interesting thing to work with. Rather than working against it, we decided to embrace the dust! Dried out giant sunflower heads lined the aisle to play off of the rustic feel.

The first guests coming into our canopy of ribbons and banners! The Bride’s mother made the little flags (which we couldn’t get enough of)!
These guys were hiding in the back of the castle, but we just followed the amazing smell! The groom’s uncle Rick and some of his buddies were grilling up a storm during the set up. They were even nice enough to bring us a plate of homemade sausages to snack on! Whatta guy.

The lovely food!! Wish you could smell it.
They were the nicest guys ever! Not to mention masters at grillin’

These cute little guys were having a photoshoot with their parents, I couldn’t help but snap a picture!
Succulents in wooden boxes and vintage brown bottles added color and interest to the guests’ tables.
The little spidery looking guys are called Gloriousa lilies and they are so so cool!
Picking the Succulents with the coolest look is what we like to do! The neck on this guy is way cool and it would just be a shame to chop it off! Why not use it the way it is and build the design around it?
Centerpiece are just like clothes, they say something about your personality. Playing with layers is not just for getting dressed! Add different elements that play with the eye.

These were put out by the bride and groom. You may not think that some breadsticks would add to the decor….they DO! Just another cool thing to look at. Too many things may overwhelm guests, especially when there are glasses and plates everywhere during dinner. Try and find the right balance.

Dropping off the bouquets!

The Bridesmaids bouquets were similar to the Bride’s bouquets but less yellows and more whites. What a nice pop against that mustard shade.

We found some creepy business going on inside the castle…

Okay so this little cake banner was my baby for the day…a couple of the flags from the large banner in the entrance fell off during set up…so we did an impromptu mini banner. The sticks we used were from flowers that we brought! Mission accomplished.

We are now the proud owners of bistro pens! There is an art to master them, but we did it. Yay for dessert table menus.

An old wooden wheel was the perfect area for displaying these yummy Ginger Snap cookies.