Kyle & Sarah at Scribner Bend Winery

IMG_0831-LWe loved working with Sarah and Kyle on their special day! Straight from the get go we had an instant connection with them. Sarah was chalk full of fun ideas to get our creative-maker-paws on! She gave us the opportunity to use all of our props and let us totally stylize them the way we’ve always dreamed to. Hundreds of hand-made paper cranes were used as a nod to the groom’s heritage. They hung like a ton of dangling crystals swaying in the delta breeze and were also used as table seating cards! We hope you all enjoy this wedding as much as we did! Thanks again to Sarah and Kyle for including us in your big day and an even bigger thank you to the super talented Brent Van Auken for his stunning images!

IMG_0833-L IMG_0835-L IMG_0838-L IMG_0839-L IMG_0875-L IMG_0984-L IMG_0995-L IMG_1069-L IMG_1072-L IMG_1090-L IMG_1093-L IMG_1094-L IMG_1096-L IMG_1101-L IMG_1106-L IMG_1109-L IMG_1110-L IMG_1120-L IMG_1123-L LP7A4019-L LP7A4246-L LP7A4277-L LP7A4287-L LP7A4681-L LP7A4713-L LP7A4723-L LP7A4731-L LP7A5120-L LP7A5206-L LP7A5260-L LP7A5933-L LP7A6007-L LP7A6205-L

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