Kyle & Sarah at Scribner Bend Winery

IMG_0831-LWe loved working with Sarah and Kyle on their special day! Straight from the get go we had an instant connection with them. Sarah was chalk full of fun ideas to get our creative-maker-paws on! She gave us the opportunity to use all of our props and let us totally stylize them the way we’ve always dreamed to. Hundreds of hand-made paper cranes were used as a nod to the groom’s heritage. They hung like a ton of dangling crystals swaying in the delta breeze and were also used as table seating cards! We hope you all enjoy this wedding as much as we did! Thanks again to Sarah and Kyle for including us in your big day and an even bigger thank you to the super talented Brent Van Auken for his stunning images!

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Laura @ Dogwood Party Rentals gets Hitched!

DSC_0005Soooo…. one of our FAVORITE vendors (Dogwood Party Rentals) has this daughter. Her name is Laura. She is awesome. She was an even more awesome bride. Here are some sneak peeks of her wedding at the Historic (and rumored to be Haunted) Sutter Club in Sacramento. We installed the most amazing staircase piece and we can’t wait to get the photos from the photographer! Until then… this is all we got!

Chels & Jack















Danielle and Niko


Danielle and Niko’s wedding was all about rich warm fall hues. Lots of yummy colors and cool textures. The bride is a major horse lover, so we had a little fun adding equestrian details to the reception. Collections of toy horses and horse-riding ribbons and trophies were fun additions to the decor. Romantic loose style arrangements draped down from the collection of gold and crystal vessels.  This look is great for late summer and early fall brides, the Dahlias are plentiful and the garden roses are still within reach! Hope to inspire and let us know what you think.

chels & jack

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Romantic Reds



We had our first bridal show of 2015 yesterday at the Grand Island Mansion and are officially kicking off the new year with this awesome red wedding at Arden Hills Country Club. We did this wedding back over the summer, but decided to share it with you all today. We absolutely love the dark garnet hues and pops of white in this bouquet, berries and interesting greens make it interesting and full of garden-y goodness. Our bride and groom wanted a dramatic affair for their guests. Dark wood walls, matching chiavari chairs, rich reds and lots of crystals and candles to set the mood. We hope this one inspires you and gets your wheels turning for your own nuptials!


chels & jack

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All photos by the amazing Colleen Riley Photography 

Winter Whimsies


Hi guys, and Happy New Year. Really, and I mean REALLY wanting to get back into blogging. So this is me jumping back into things. Last winter I got together with my favorite lady, Colleen Riley. We packed up the car with some winter-y goodness, my grandma’s old satin hooded gown, some awesome costume jewelry, and of course some fresh flowers!

We drove up the hill to Apple Hill, found a good place to park the car and started the shoot. Hope you enjoy the photos! Snow makes me think ice Princess, the color white (obvi), pine, red hints, and everything winter-wonderful. My favorite part of this shoot was the hood on this killer dress and of course the snow covered twigs in my signature crown!

Let me know what you think!











Amanda and Peter say I do at The Grand Island Mansion

Our vintage silver collection was perfect for this look here! Chocolate lace and soft pink roses and a fluffy peony, coupled with the delicate fresh vine gives the right amount of pop on this crisp white cloth.


We are SO excited to have received these amazing teasers from Kara Stewart Photography! Amanda was such a joy to work with, super easy going and with fabulous taste we might add! She decided to go with soft neutrals to help create a soft romantic feel for her and groom Peter’s big day. Being at the Grand Island Mansion is always a pleasure, it’s like our second home there, and we love all of their delightful staff. Here at Jackie’s we feel that joining your overall feel and the style of your venue is vital to having a seamless ambiance. Romantic and the mansion go beautifully hand in hand here!

Looking forward to share more photos of this lovely day in the near future, for now, enjoy the scroll!



The Bride’s bouquet was an absolute stunner! A mix of soft fluffy blooms in what we like to call “yummy” shades. We also added some more interesting blooms like this chocolate lace and scabiosa pods to toughen it up just a touch.



Loving these Bridesmaid dresses! What an amazing shade to choose.


This gazebo was one of our favorites! Lush full garlands of Salal and Plumosa draped amongst lush clusters of white Hydrangeas and Voluminous Roses! Not to mention the antique chandelier!! And if you have a really keen eye, you may find the Phalanopsis Orchid plants and Curly Willow peeking out from the stone garden urns.
The infamous Daddy, Daughter photo…. all together now… “AWWWWWW”
Delicate centerpieces in interesting vessels make for the perfect accent in this already decadent room!

Candice and Victor at The Firehouse



Hi guys!

So this wedding was absolutely one of my new favorites. The colors and style were both SO HAPPY! Bouncy garden roses and so many soft textural elements really amped up the ambiance for this big day. We were definitely not lacking in the drama department, it rained heavily on Saturday and so that really gave us an interesting vibe to go off of… haha. However, the rain was soft of pretty in a moody, romantic soft of way! It did stop just shortly before the ceremony, so we were able to run around like crazy people and rearrange things for the outdoor garden ceremony at the last minute.

With an adorable bridal party and amazing style, this wedding went off without a hitch and ended up being a home run!


Chels & Jack

This TULIP, yes I said TULIP was just mouth-watering!
Another awesome shot of our favorite Tulip, some golden-sprayed greenery, and of course the awesome gold sequin wrap!
Love this alley-way entrance to the uber quaint Firehouse in Old Sacramento
Before we tore down the inside… it did dry up a bit for an outdoor ceremony, but I’m not gonna lie… this made me swoon a little!


Really loving the cool art work in the Eagle’s room. This wedding felt very victorian-garden-inspired!
An awesome way to utilize a mantal, empty picture frames and taper candles with touches of vines, blooms, or ribbons.
Garden blooms in an interesting golden vessel really enhances the room’s warmth.



Who doesn’t love ranunculus boutonnières?!


Loving this one of our adorable bride and her two cute girls!


And of course the grand finale! Awwwwwwwww