Candice and Victor at The Firehouse



Hi guys!

So this wedding was absolutely one of my new favorites. The colors and style were both SO HAPPY! Bouncy garden roses and so many soft textural elements really amped up the ambiance for this big day. We were definitely not lacking in the drama department, it rained heavily on Saturday and so that really gave us an interesting vibe to go off of… haha. However, the rain was soft of pretty in a moody, romantic soft of way! It did stop just shortly before the ceremony, so we were able to run around like crazy people and rearrange things for the outdoor garden ceremony at the last minute.

With an adorable bridal party and amazing style, this wedding went off without a hitch and ended up being a home run!


Chels & Jack

This TULIP, yes I said TULIP was just mouth-watering!
Another awesome shot of our favorite Tulip, some golden-sprayed greenery, and of course the awesome gold sequin wrap!
Love this alley-way entrance to the uber quaint Firehouse in Old Sacramento
Before we tore down the inside… it did dry up a bit for an outdoor ceremony, but I’m not gonna lie… this made me swoon a little!


Really loving the cool art work in the Eagle’s room. This wedding felt very victorian-garden-inspired!
An awesome way to utilize a mantal, empty picture frames and taper candles with touches of vines, blooms, or ribbons.
Garden blooms in an interesting golden vessel really enhances the room’s warmth.



Who doesn’t love ranunculus boutonnières?!


Loving this one of our adorable bride and her two cute girls!


And of course the grand finale! Awwwwwwwww

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